Modica is often referred to as a presepe – and the way its buildings tumble down the side of the valley does make it very picturesque.  It seemed a natural progression to make Modica the setting of a presepe.

Over  the years Modica Città Presepe has collected money for Save The Children.   Every penny donated goes to charity – all the materials and publicity come from my own pocket.

It seems fitting that children should be the beneficiaries of a project that tries to capture the magic of Christmas – whether you are religious or not.    Save The Children – italia works on behalf of children in Italy and throughout the world who are suffering from war, famine and hunger as well as more ‘first world’ problems such as cyberbullying.   For most people Christmas is a time to think of those less fortunate than ourselves, the Dickensian lesson most of us have grown up with.  A small gift to a charity such as Save The Children can change the lives of others in fundamental ways – Modica Città Presepe has never asked for large donations – even if we have been very lucky to receive some – but even the coppers from the bottom of your  purse can make a difference.  If everybody gave just 10 cents to visit the presepi, we would collect well over 2000 euros a year for charity.   It isnt much to ask.

Thank you.